The 6 Steps for Scientific Molding

  • The use of Scientific Molding has had a dramatic impact on the efficiency of molding operations. The following 6 steps should be considered to help optimize the process robustness of your molding operation.

    Viscosity Curve

    The scientific study of viscosity curve helps show the effect produced by injection speed on viscosity, and it also shows the most consistent region of viscosity. By monitoring this data, it reduces the variation between production lots.  The idea of “inject as fast as you need to and not as fast as you can” is directly related to this study, as slower speed are acceptable if allowable.

    Cavity Balance Study

    This aspect of the process reveals the fill balance between every cavity. It aids in the achievement of better consistency for between cavities. It facilitates studying the % imbalance and provides case-based results.

    Pressure Drop Study

    This study shows if the process pressure is limited, which can impact consistency. It is recommended to record pressure drop through the nozzle and at the end of fill. Recording pressure drop at other sections is important only in case of pressure-limited processes.

    Cosmetic Process Window Study

    This reveals the mold’s capability to form parts that are cosmetically acceptable. Technically, a large Cosmetic Process Window is the initial step towards a robust process.

    Gate Seal Study

    This shows the action of gate seal. It aids shot to shot consistency. However, it is not advisable to perform a Gate Seal Study on a Hot Runner Mold. Also, if the graph doesn’t flatten, it indicates time for the ‘Pack and Hold’ action.

    Cooling Time Study

    This aspect shows the effect of cooling time on the production. It also improves the cycle efficiency. It is also recommended to perform the study at higher end of mold temperatures.

    The uses of advanced concepts in injection molding are increasing at an amazing pace. By utilizing the information from the above 6 steps, progressive molders will be better equipped to improve production efficiencies and increase throughput. is a professional Plastic Manufacturing Company. We offers Plastic Injection Molding service in China since 2003. Try our injection molding price calculator for free now! We also do product assembly, finishing and packaging.