Final Fantasy XIV promises Final Fantasy will enter Xbox Game

  • In the X019 incident, Microsoft tried to steal the limelight of Google, which is about to launch its Stadia game streaming service. Not only did Microsoft confirm 50 Project xCloud games, which is in stark contrast to Stadia's first 12 games, but it also revealed that xCloud will also invest in Xbox Game Pass subscription services. This opens the door to more games, including the arrival of the recently announced Final Fantasy series, and one more is still expected. At the same time, if you want to Buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil, players can choose IGGM, I think this website will make you satisfied.

    The Final Fantasy series is essentially related to PlayStation, and most games after Final Fantasy VI are launched on Sony's gaming platform. It wasn't before the last few years that Square Enix expanded the reach on the game to Windows and cellular devices. But what's missing will be the Xbox One.

    Next year, the Xbox Game Pass service will add "classic" Final Fantasy games, and that will change. Please don't be confused because these are not classic titles that fans will consider. Instead, these games are almost all Final Fantasy games, starting with the original Final Fantasy VII, including remastered and HD versions. The complete list is as follows:

    – Final Fantasy VII
    – Final Fantasy VIII remake
    – Final Fantasy IX
    – FINAL FANTASY X / X-2 HD remake
    – Final Fantasy XIII
    – Final Fantasy XIII-2
    – Lightning Returns ™: Final Fantasy XIII
    – Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG is one of the missing titles. But Xbox's Phil Spencer promised that they would bring it to the platform for the foreseeable future. Following the catastrophic release, FF XIV was reinvented and relaunched with greater success on PlayStation and Windows PCs. Launching on Xbox can help prevent a handful of successful non-mobile MMORPGs from extinct like most MMORPGs. At present, players are more concerned about where to buy cheap and safe FFXIV Gil. I think the IGGM website can help you. Their website always provides players with secure, quality products and services.