Final Fantasy XIV seems to be strangely starting to enforce dat

  • Several Final Fantasy XIV players reported receiving a temporary ban on "data mining," digging through the game's data files to find traces of upcoming content and share surprises. MMORPG's rules do prohibit this, but it's still surprising to see it enforced. Today, players do this in a variety of live games, and they are eager to get a sneak peek before the marketing timeline. This is a weird way to treat fans.

    FFXIV's rules explicitly prohibit data mining and say: "You should not use unauthorized third-party software to intercept, mine or else collect information in the game." But I miss why they target minor harmless violations Enforcement. At the same time, about FFXIV Gil, I recommend players to acquire at IGGM, their internet site will provide the top service and also the cheapest and safest products.

    I would be surprised when I release new content in the game, but I know that other people are always eager for every clip and tip. They like to be fans in a different way from me, which is great. Squeenix must know that they can't stop people from doing so, they can only make people more cautious and publish anonymous data mining details so that they cannot be tracked. And, once something comes up, it can be freely shared.

    Some people on Reddit speculated that the company was enthusiastically opposed to data mining after angry players claimed that data mining played a vital and unfair role in the success of the first group to complete the latest raid. This claim has triggered all the techniques, proportionality, and respect for human life known for the Internet. This strong anti-data mining stance may be Square's attempt to help calm down and resolve the situation by removing a part from the equation. This is probably the hype.

    Statisticians may be wondering what this has to do with data mining, the process of using machine learning to process large amounts of data and discover abnormal patterns that humans can't find. I don't know how to say that video game borrowing means mining data files and that's what we mean. It's too late to get people to switch to wise terms like "cyber gold panning", "K0nm4r1", "MUDraking" or "fucking in files".

    FFXIV does have strange rules. Although MMORPG has beautiful tools for playing music, you cannot play other people's songs. With all these wonderful tools, you will not be allowed to play All-Star on Digiuba. Even if you do insist on introducing your soundtrack version of the game, you are not allowed to record and share the performance of three specific songs. Of course, you can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil at IGGM. As far as I know, their website is doing a 5% discount recently. Come and buy now!