Path of Exile 2 and Diablo 4 can't be underestimated

  • Grinding Gear Games believes that the Path of Exile 2 just announced will be comparable to Blizzard's Diablo 4. When speaking to GameSpot at ExileCon in New Zealand today, founder Chris Wilson described the Path of Exile 2 as the "next generation" action RPG that goes hand in hand with Diablo IV.

    "Yes," Wilson said when asked if Diablo II could compete with Diablo IV. "Path of Exile 2 is one of the next generations of action-playing games, and we think it's well-positioned." Wilson acknowledges that Blizzard is one of the largest and most funded studios on the planet. Help Diablo IV shines in certain sectors. However, Wilson believes that the Path of Exile 2 has an advantage due to its legacy and its connection to the Path of Exile 1. Players are also more willing to buy more POE Currency on Path of Exile.

    When talking about Blizzard and Diablo IV, Wilson said: "Any company with a lot of money can make very beautiful graphics, etc. They also have amazing graphics, excellent storylines, etc." However, Path of Exile 2 has six to seven years of content, including all balances and ecosystems. If you make a new game, it might not be fun? Until you finish the game, you know that Path of Exile is good. Many people like it."

    It seems that Path of Exile 2 and Diablo IV will not disappear anytime soon, as both games may take a long time to release. Neither company has promised release date. Research firm Cowen & Company said in its report to BlizzCon to investors that they expect Diablo IV to be launched in 2021.

    As for Path of Exile 2, Wilson said the release game may be released on the PS5 and the next Xbox, but there is a hint at the release window. Both next-generation consoles will be available in the 2020 holiday season, and Path of Exile 2 is expected to be available for them (of course, not necessarily at launch). Path of Exile 2's first Beta program begins as late as the end of 2020.

    Both games are ready to play. Participants in BlizzCon have the opportunity to experience part of Diablo IV, while those attending ExileCon can take the start of Path of Exile 2. You can also purchase POE Chaos Orb, which is cheap and easy to use in MMOAH. Recently, their website offers a 5% discount on POE Currency related products.