Should Blizzard reduce the appeal of World of Warcraft?

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    It is wrong to pretend that people did not ask this question 10 to 14 years ago. Before World of Warcraft was released, Everquest has been nicknamed "Engcrack." I didn't think of Blizzard to do everything in its power to help people get out of touch with World of Warcraft, although some tips pop up in the game from time to time, reminding players to rest and just enjoy the game. It is worth asking whether Blizzard can do more. However, it should also be remembered that the MMO is much more updated than it is now, but the number of players is small. World of Warcraft is a popular MMO type of game, which is unprecedented.

    It's easy to forget now, but in 2004, Blizzard became a newcomer trying to break into the market. I still remember reading the positive contrast between "World of Warcraft" and "Endless Mission 2", some of which predict that "World of Warcraft" will become the game for Everquest 2 to take over the EQ1 built-in player base. Another area that is easy to lose in conversations is that World of Warcraft was lauded when it was released because it requires less sanding and more access to individuals than any previous MMO. Blizzard set out to develop a game that made people easier to play, reducing frustrating obstacles and making it easy to have fun.

    The problem with Blizzard's announcement that World of Warcraft should be less addictive when it was launched in 2004 is that it assumes that game designers fully understand the location of the line, or that it is easy to parse this information from the player base. Feedback said that millions of first-time MMO players are being phased out. Blizzard is trying to develop a game that meets the expectations of those who want a "hardcore" experience and "leisure" players who want the game to be easier to use. Another term for casual players is "dirty casual workers," which gives you an idea of ​​how well these two groups get along with each other. However, World of Warcraft has been moving in one direction since its launch, aiming to make it easier for people to play in a shorter period.

    I think that criticism of "World of Warcraft" and Blizzard think they admit to some extent that with the development of the game, some "World of Warcraft" players do have addiction problems, and even think that the game may contain objects designed to check those over time. Passing away, playing too much. At the same time, almost every change Blizzard has made in the past 15 years is designed to make World of Warcraft faster. PvP grinding? I have been away for more than ten years. Honorary grinding? It’s much faster. Release the main abilities such as flying and riding? It happens faster in the game. You don't even need to visit the trainer to learn skills. The game has been completely modified to make it faster and easier to play, and there isn't one of these changes—and the game has been moving in this direction since 2004, and it hasn't stopped.

    In the end, I found "Deputy" a bit frustrating - not because I suspect that "World of Warcraft" hurts people's lives, but because it is not a product of World of Warcraft and ultimately its era and design. The fact is linked in a way that partially satisfies the needs of its players. It has nothing to do with the fact that there are a lot of things learned in the game world because of World of Warcraft, or in a very meaningful sense, the game that exists today is not the name of the game in 2004. It doesn't involve how to help people who are fascinated by video games. Compared with modern trophy crates and micro-transactions, the fact that people spend a lot of time grinding black iron to represent or kill mobs in PvP is purely for the reward of the game that has not attracted people's attention. Not surprising. Self-assurance.

    World of Warcraft Classic is full of confidence and willing to let you spend time doing things. It won't ask you to buy micro-transactions to speed things up. It doesn't advertise the ability to buy six Onyxia Death Tokens to get more chances of dropping her spoils the next time you kill. Just... it takes a while. "World of Warcraft Classic" is not trying to find something in the pocket to find change, but rather: "It takes a while. The reason why World of Warcraft classics are eye-catching, in part because it exists in a game developer will be players Time investment is considered an era of monetizable goods. If you need a cheap Warmane Gold, then IGGM will be your best choice. More and more players are going to IGGM to Buy Warmane Gold. Not only because they are cheap, but their websites Are very secure and have customer service to answer your questions about orders.