Path of Exile Delve Stash Tab

  • Delve is one of the most unique Path of Exile challenge alliances and one of the most important alliances. With the latest update, Delve Stash Tab, its legacy will become even more important in the core game. More information about these and the new Delve Stash Tab is a huge benefit for the convenience of the player.

    For a new player who is not too lucky to experience the live broadcast of Delve, here is a summary. The properly named Challenge Alliance allowed the player to accurately walk six feet below Wraeclast as they explored many of the dangerous secrets and enticing rewards of the dark Azurite mine. For example, unique POE Items and a large amount of POE Currency.

    The darkness of landmines is not only an environmental barrier designed to increase the difficulty of specific dungeons. On the contrary, this is a conscious hazard that will cause damage to you over time, and if you stay too long, it will even kill you. The premise of Delve's core mechanics is that you have been in the shadows for too long, so you need to follow the Crawler, a lightweight, automated shopping cart that needs to follow a certain route. Sometimes you will be able to find spawning in urban biomes, which is usually difficult but is more predatory than other creatures.

    The more you explore, the harder it is for the enemy to get more rewards. But you can't go there all the time, and you have to climb all the time because the crawler needs to be upgraded. This fuel is called VoltaxicSulphate and can be obtained from the map of the standard league. In addition to this, you will need to use the sapphire upgraded track equipment from the mine to continue.

    Among the many unique POE Items in Delve, the most important are fossils and resonators - challenging the POE Currency of Delve League. Like POE Orbs, they are also used to modify equipment. However, before applying the modifier, you need to insert the fossils into the receptacles of the resonator and then place them in the gear of your choice.

    These POE Trade are different because they give you a practical choice when you determine the type of device you want to install, limiting the impact of RNG to a reasonable value. As Delve becomes part of the core content, resonators and fossils have become an important part of the retrofit.

    To make content part of the Standard League and Hardcore League, Grinding Gear Games has released the Delve Stash tab, where you can store up to 5,000 fossils and resonators. In addition to providing additional storage convenience, you can also use it for trading, as you can also publicize fossils and resonators, which will enable them to be listed on official trading sites and community tools. Note, however, that once the fossil is placed in the resonator, it can no longer be placed in the Delve Stash tab.

    For the player, you should not miss Delve now! Let’s try it.