Path of Exile's new wilderness update adds tower defense gamepl

  • Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games continues its steady growth over the years and reveals the next major update to the free action role-playing game. In the upcoming Blight extension, players can introduce new tower defense modes along the mission line, resulting in more loot to equip your character. This new update is a series of other new extensions that have overhauled important parts of the game over the past year, introducing new events and storylines for players to participate in.

    Before the announcement, we can already view the new content released for PC on September 6th and the new content released on September 9th for PS4 and Xbox. The Blight update introduces a new storyline involving an NPC called Sister Cassia, whose mission is to repel the erosive corruption of players sweeping the globe. To defend against these monster waves, you need to build complex machines to stop the trend. According to the developers, the purpose of these Blight encounters is to give players a chance to make a small-scale event, which makes it possible to get better loot and POE Currency. The reward for eliminating these battles is what is called "oil", which polishes existing equipment and produces new POE Items for your character.

    Here's a brief overview of some of the key features in the Blight update:

        Blight League: The new extension introduces a new NPC called Sister Cassia that allows players to access the new Blight Encounters. These events will focus on tower defense style games for new monsters.
       Equipment enchantment: A new POE item that appears in the flow oil is oil, which can make existing equipment have specific attributes. Mixing oil can even produce new equipment, such as rings and amulets, and there is a small chance that POE Chaos Orb will appear.
       Revised Atlas: World Atlas Update will get some upgrades again. In the Blight extension, players can now interact with the master in the player's hideout.
        Class changes: Some of the prototypes produced by players are undergoing some improvements. For example, the Necromancer prototype can now better control the minions.

    After several expansions and PS4 releases, 2019 was a great year for Path of Exile. The Blight update seems to be another interesting event that makes the functionality that the action RPG can provide continues to be surprising. Developers said they plan to reveal more free games in the upcoming ExileCon event in November.