Visibility of icons of the Legion Monster monsters hot topic

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    Apart from these bugs, the developers also explain how they stand for the visibility of the icons of Legion monsters in the current state of the game. The Legion League's new mechanics enable the Monoliths to reveal the frozen enemies in time, some of which POE Orbs have a symbol above their heads - such as jewelry, armor, weapons, or currency Some players complain that these symbols are not good enough to see and ask if they are not best displayed on the minimap.

    The devs even said that in an early release version, "However, it turned out that the whole time they were busy looking for symbols on the minimap instead of focusing on what was going on."  The next variant, without mini card symbols, is for players Partially overlooked were a monster with Path of Exile Orbs a treasure was, in the current variant only legion monsters have a symbol above the head that is displayed on the map that was released from their time prison.

    But the feedback has arrived: at GGG, developers have worked out that in the coming leg of LegionMob outside the mini-map, it's easier to see.