FIFA 20 brought back to FIFA Street in spirit


    EA Sports' new FIFA 20 feature will probably be Volta Football, work model that combines NBA 2K MyCareer level personalization and customization with FIFA street style competitions and techniques.

    Volta Football is an element of a single-person career, a multiplayer game which has a storyboard path, a branch of team games, as well as a league that requires FIFA 20 Coins promotion and relegation. For those who need to play with their most favorite side and stars, there may be Volta Kick-Off.

    On the highway, players can select a few matches that match the alternate rules, a tad reminiscent of the House Rules option that players can enjoy in FIFA 19. The modes include 3 to three and 4 to 4 matches, no goalkeepers, 4-on-4 and 5 to five with goalkeepers and Buy FIFA 20 Coins professional futsal (on the hard court with one smaller ball and five players). Courses and courses vary in proportions around the world.

    "From the underground passages of Amsterdam to your neighborhood cages of London, or perhaps the roofs of Tokyo, feel the new face on the planet game with VOLTA football," EA said around the game's official website.

    Customized players abound, including shirts, boots, shorts, sweaters and also other cosmetics. The site says that after a player encounters quite a job in the game, the product may be unlocked.