Path of Exile: Synthesis can be a story of broken memories and

  • The RPG exile route has been launched since 2013, but it is still very popular and is heavily influenced by Steam's best player game. The Betrayal update released in December 2018 is the largest. Today, the developer Grinding Gear Games unveiled an important step in the game: Synthesis, a new challenge alliance, where players build their unique dungeons by assembling different puzzles.

    The main NPC for this expansion is Caves, a spirit that POE Chaos Orb contains all the memories lost, and hopes to find their whereabouts with your help. When you type in a memory clip, the game world immediately becomes unstable.

    You must survive long enough that whenever you mark a significant number of "memory stabilizers" a memory segment will be pushed out. It's like collecting puzzles, you can assemble them and combine all the memories to create your path. The ultimate goal is to create a “reward memory” path, but the memory clip will decay in a round after round, which means you need to plan your goals carefully.

    However, the madness behind the synthesis is twofold because the player is a bit free when creating the project. You can read more about the information on the "Exile Road" website. If you are not an exiled scholar, it means that you plan to Buy POE Currency encounter very powerful projects that you have never seen before.

    The composition can also integrate action rebalance spells, and Grinding Gears wants to create them all at the power level, which will focus more on manual casting, six new major damage spells for two new character prototypes - Chaos Spider and Sacred Spender - There is also a pair of new support gems.

    Grinding Gear said that you plan to launch three other exile routes in 2019, which are expected to be launched in June, September, and December. Please wait and see.