WOW Classic: release date, news, and everything we know so far

  • Blizzard said it will never happen, but it is happening: World of Warcraft is becoming a traditional server that mimics Azeroth because it existed in 2006. Known as the "World of Warcraft" classic, this remake aims to rekindle the dissatisfaction of so many people. We are until late at night. It is coming soon. Its launch means that a few years ago we will evoke memories of  Warcraft, which some players can't stand.

    World of Warcraft Vanilla Launch - Bringing players to WOW Classic Boosting a distant place and dramatically changing the core game before the expansion pack - is one of the most critical moments in PC games. But this also raises a lot of questions: Which patch will Classic be based on? How will the update work? What is the release date of WoW Classic? What is the cost? I believe many players are curious about this.

    Below is our understanding of WoW Classic, including release date, update schedule, and more. Everyone can see it.
    When is the release date of WoW Classic?

    Blizzard said that World of Warcraft will be launched this summer, and now we have a date: August 27. The closed test will begin on May 15th, which means they have enough time to prepare new content, if you are interested, you can sign up here.
    Next, what is Warcraft Classic, what is it?

    "World of Warcraft" is actually different from the game that was first launched in 2004. Through the cycle of continuous updating and expansion, the entire continent is increasing, and the role category has been refurbished several times. There will be more new content, no need to worry about boredom, many people like these changes (modern World of Warcraft is easier to obtain than ever), but there are some old players who miss the history of World of Warcraft and their past playing style.

    Before the release of WoW Classic, a very popular private server illegally imitated the World of Warcraft that existed in 2004. But now Blizzard is creating an official version of the program that is supported by continuous updates. Therefore, everyone still has to attach great importance to genuine, genuine can bring some better experience.

    "World of Warcraft" is almost entirely a re-creation of "World of Warcraft" because it existed in 2006, just before the first expansion of the "Burning Crusade." This means that the battle will be slower, more deadly, and more exciting, so that each player can fully experience the wonderful moments in the game. The mission will be less intuitive and dynamic, and traveling around the world will take longer. At WOW Classic Gold the same time, World of Warcraft will reproduce many of the favorite MMO brands. I don't know if you expect it?