But with manual control you could make

  • Obviously shot time is a huge part of NBA 2K MT what generates the skillgap in 2K but there clearly needs to be a penalty for using actual shot percentage. If I'm using a Player with an 99 mid range shooter, and I am wide open, using real player percentage I would expect to make it 6 or 7 days out of 10.

    But with manual control you could make the shot 10/10 of your timing is accurate. Same with the 3 ball everyone says Curry makes 55-50% in online play if for whatever reason you can't get down his jumper, of his wide open shots, allow badges and his 99 stats let you hit on a percentage around there. May hit the high percentages. That is looks at the basket. The player portion would still take the time to discharge shots, and with defense you should not be getting appearances anyways.

    For 2K21, it requires better replay demonstration (meaning more and different angles for a single highlight), and the choice (like in past 2K) to see your own personal highlight reel. It also has to always show the highlight reel of the player of NBA 2K. There ought to be cutaways of bench, trainer and crowd reactions to highlights... There ought to be a focus on rivalries... Make it so in mycareer a participant can construct a rivalry VS another nba participant, or a staff can build a competition VS another team... All these rivalries should be triggered by post game questions in which u can either diss a team/opponent, or praise them... And if u diss them, it generates a competition point.

    Ball magnetism for crime on blocks and balls. In my experience across multiple years of 2K such as this one, the great majority of balls poked lose or blocked (70%+) return into the crime either to the culprit or just like magic straight to another teammate like it was a pass. It's unrealistic to get a steal and that is perfectly fine however, the disparity is really huge and it transforms to the previous proposal of sport breaking physics. Frequently you go just to have the offense get it back immediately and you're in defensive position that is bad. Offer the body and rather an intermediate solution is to reduce the frequency of Buy 2K MT balls poked.