Since there is not any 3pt shooter

  • To add to the idea, based upon your age would factor in the kind of NBA 2K MT Coins  player your participant add player types or was. As an instance 90s era would be the high flyers, Vince, mj, tmac, Kobe's era. You may be a tweener like MJ, Uber athletic but hard as hell and bodily, if you're in the 80s. In the 70s you'd be a type player like pistol Pete and or Julius Irving.

    Since there is not any 3pt shooter, no one would play anything, 2K players wouldn't know what to do with themselves. But even if this is true, because personally I'm sure as hell not enjoying in the 70s when there was like 15 teams, you can make the cutoff 1984. When the GOAT was because that is. Basketball blew up following Mj, it'd be sooo cool to perform with a profession through that.

    I truly love this idea, I'd kill to have the ability to play with/against some of those legends. BUT, that would require the NBA for the rights to a lot of those players which I don't find them spending the cash to do. Because this could be an idea that is amazing, it is sad. Always name my dude O'Neal to get Shaq, would really like to really play with him.I understand the rights would be a problem, but there are a ton of legends already in NBA 2K20, the gamers that you do not have rights to they would need to perform the whole quantity thing. For example #33 (Larry bird) is still big guy, Larry bird but he is #30 only with the stats of Larry. Things like this.

    Telling 2K to create multiple ways although im all for stuff and features I dont believe will occur. They spend so much money developing their 1 story line.I entirely concur. They should understand if they did something similar to 21, how hype folks would be for the game on next gen. It would be like 2K11's Jordan Seconds. That can be nba 2K, their draw used to be the mycareer. I'm just asking 2K to return to their roots and blow our heads. And it would be more economical for them to go this route right? Maybe ask Mike to speak a little shit for you if you wind up playing in his age and that is all of Cheap NBA 2K21 MT  the story they would require lol.