Fundamentally these dungeon exploring jobs

  • With dungeoneering I would think the main issue was RuneScape gold  that it was all concentrated on one place, daemonheim, which made it an oversized mini-game. It should of concentrated on spreading the content as it did with all the resource dungeons out. Imagine if dungeoneering was like slayer where you get missions, but they are to go explore A dungeon with aims to finish. I would like to expound in my post. What if this ability was an elite ability? Meaning it might require levels in abilities to perform these tasks. Like amounts in mining/construction/rune, etc like the dung usually requires.

    Fundamentally these dungeon exploring jobs would be like mini-quests that are randomized with aims. This exploration of underground arras could be A fun/interactive method to enlarge about the lore/history of RuneScape. Example: Doing dungeon tasks could involve lore such as the empire, the gods, the god wars of Zaros, in that area. Potential powerful items may be found/repaired that gamers could use as non-trade-able items/gear which you find as you advance the ability and research (as opposed to simply earning points and only buying equipment from A store like in RS3).

    Dont like the Notion of Elite Skills in OSRS. They work in RS3. You can just release daemonheim with a kind of rank system which would function exactly the exact same manner as the level for dungeoneering did. This would only be revealed within an overlay sort of like the prefer overlay in zeah. I don't rly mean"elite" like. A super skill that needs more xp n stuff. Largely an unofficial method of saying"hey, you could do A lot more with dugeoneering if you booted up your other skills".

    The reason I took it that way was because Elite ability means something different besides just"you can just do it with different abilities," their experience curve is totally different, I believe 99 innovation is something mad like 102m exp. You cant train innovation in any way without 80 smithing, crafting, and divination. The idea of"Elite Skills" are not something which needs to be translated to OSRS, but skills such as slayer and dung how it being indicated in terms of just needing to be bolstered by additional abilities is cheap OSRS gold nice imo.