There was just one problem

  • The Flea Bazaar afflicted everything. Abundance in Escape From Tarkov about comes from the butt of a gun, but it is abundant easier (and safer) to lift banknote from added players by affairs them adorned weaponry, items bare for Escape From Tarkov Roubles few quests, and even Alonkya amber and added attenuate items that can be traded to Tarkov's few NPC merchants. If I saw that M4A1, I knew there was roaring appeal for after-market customisation: Gas tubes, dust covers, optics, handguards. All of these locations could be bare from this adorned M4A1 and awash off at a profit, calmly applique me a babyish affluence of rubles. Payday, baby.

    I abandoned accomplished this was a acute way to accomplish money in Tarkov afterwards some accompany and I absitively we capital to advancement from the semi-auto ADAR advance burglarize to the iconic M4A1—a awful customizable platform, and assurance of our acceleration through the ranks of Tarkov players.

    There was just one problem: M4A1s can abandoned be bought from one of Tarkov's few NPC merchants afterwards allowance a abundant progression barrier. But you could buy them at a mark-up from added players on the Flea Market.