Lubricated Raymond Mill Parts Can Extend Service Life

  • During the working process of Raymond mill, it is unavoidable to encounter various kinds of faults, which are mainly caused by the different faults of many parts in the machine, so in order to reduce the frequency of faults and to prolong the life of parts, we know that lubricants are indispensable to Raymond mill, and many people say lubricants. It can help the machine work better, so what is the relationship between lubricant and the prolongation of the life of Raymond grinding parts?

    Generally speaking, there is no friction between the processed materials in the interior of the Raymond mill during the working process, and because of the small gap between the parts caused by other faults, friction between the parts will occur. These conditions will bring damage to the parts. The use of lubricants can reduce the degree of friction, thereby reducing the damage to the parts of the Raymond mill. It is said that lubricants are beneficial to prolong the service life of parts of Raymond mill.

    In addition, the quality of lubricants should be strictly judged when choosing lubricants. Once the quality of the selected lubricants has problems, it will not reduce the friction of the parts of Raymond mill, and the properties of lubricants should be stable. The properties of lubricants should not be unstable due to the change of weather, such as hot weather in summer. If the properties are unstable, they will volatilize and flammable. It is not advisable to choose the right lubricant for the life of parts of Raymond mill. If quality problems are found, they should be replaced in time, because inferior products not only can not reduce the wear of parts, but also may cause damage to them. One point is to lubricate parts regularly according to the requirements of the instructions.