Tips to kick-start you in the freelance writing industry.

  • If you are looking to start freelance writing online, there are things you need to know before you start working on papers. when it comes to an essay, the simplest way to complete a short paper is to follow the five-paragraph structure method. Introduce your essay by using an interesting anecdote, quote or any other catchy phrase. Include a strong thesis statement in the introduction. The main point of your essay lies in the thesis. After the introduction, follow up with supporting information in three body paragraphs. Ensure they are in line with the argument in your thesis statement. After the body, the conclusion paragraph follows. Sum up your paper and connect your argument to the body.

    A research paper needs a great topic. An intriguing and challenging topic defines a good paper. If a topic is interesting, then it means you will be motivated to do some good research. Once you have the topic, embark on deep research bookmarking all sites with relevant material for your paper. After your research, you will feel the gap that researchers have left in that field. Use this to come up with an argument. Your argument needs to be backed by enough material; so take care when choosing your thesis statement. Once you have a strong thesis, you will require a writing plan. Here you will organize all notes you have, write down your intended topic and draft your thesis. Note down the main points in support of your thesis. As you lay down the points, you can alter your thesis to suit the material and examples available. Examples are important; they portray a writer who has mastered content. Once you have laid down all points, it istime to write the first draft. It will be very easy with your writing plan. You just have to expound on the main points in your plan. You can paraphrase or quote other people’s material. Make sure to cite where necessary. Do this and you will have a draft ready to be proofread for submission.

    Another important paper you may come across in freelance writing is a dissertation. It is important to understand the main parts of a dissertation: introduction, literature review, research methods, findings&discussion, and conclusion. The literature review cites different researchers who have conducted research on your topic. You will discuss their findings and identify a gap that they did not explore; it will be your area of focus. In the third chapter, you will outline how you will conduct your research—questionnaires, studies where participants are asked to do something or interviews. In the fourth chapter, you discuss what was discovered and do an analysis of those findings. In the conclusion, you can comment about areas where future research can be conducted.

    With the above information, you will have an idea if you are assigned an essay, research paper or a dissertation proposal. Apply today at our website and we will guide you with even more tips needed to start freelance writing.