"This seat-of-the-pants balancing was actually frustrating. If

  • Rock Paper Shotgun has shared an insightful interview that digs to Buy POE Orbs the design and post-launch balancing struggles with the Delve game mode unveiled in Path of Exile several months back.
    The game’s developer, Grinding Gear Games, typically adds a whole new mode every 11 weeks that remixes some element with the original game, and Delve isn't a exception. Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun, Grinding Gear Games co-founder and technical director Jonathan Rodgers runs through some with the early versions of Delve along with the team’s ongoing battle to balance tension with fun.
    Delve have a handful of designs that Rodgers dives into inside full story, but eventually, that balance was struck plus the team progressed to addressing resources and rewards to get used within the mode. The mode shipped with exactly what the team thought would have been a good balance but, as Rodgers explains, they quickly found one from the rewards offered for clearing a dungeon threw systems from the rest with the game away from whack.
    “We underestimated the amount of faster someone might go through a non-endgame area and look for the resource than doing the endgame areas. We found people could do runs in one on the non-endgame areas that has a max clear speed build inside 15 seconds,” says Rodgers. ”The challenge with players is when something is easily the most efficient action to take, they’ll practice it because they say they’re forced to get it done, as well as complain it’s boring.”
    The first solution were to raise the in-game resource expense of playing Delve, but that has been quickly met with player backlash and blocked over mode almost entirely for players who hadn’t reached the end-game content in POE Items. Rodgers explores some in the other fixes the c's attempted, and ways in which they resonated with players, before balance was achieved from the full article over on Rock Paper Shotgun.