Path of Exile update 1.41 released, Delirium improvements

  • The latest update 1.41 for Path of Exile has been released. The latest patch for Grinding Gear Games has been released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. POE Update 1.41 reduces the difficulty of each Delirium monster in the depths of the fog; they greatly reduce the chance of monster modifiers appearing on monsters; the disgusting mortars no longer cause damage to the impact; this allows players to invest less equipment Here, save more POE Currency for later battles. Below, we have found some important patch notes for Path of Exile Update 1.41.

       Delirium modifiers are now packaged. This means that a given set of monsters will only have a single Delirium modifier, and it is not possible to have a variety of different modifiers.
       Reduced the difficulty of each Delirium monster in the depth of the fog.
       Increased drop rate of Simulacrum Splinters.
       Thanks to this Path of Exile patch, the chances of Delirium modifiers appearing on monsters are greatly reduced.
       Disgusted mortars no longer cause damage to impact.
       Reduced fixed volatile damage from Digust's mortar skills by 30%.
       Rage monsters deal 20% less damage.
       Reduces the damage of projectile skills used by fairy monsters by 50%. In addition, this projectile skill will be affected by other projectile modifiers. Explosive damage remains the same.
    Increased the range of deli objects that will spawn monsters.
       Thanks to this Path of Exile patch, the number of monster packs generated when you are away from the deli is increased.
       Increased visibility of Shavronne books under the influence of Delirium.
       Fixed a bug that did not generate monster-like Delirium objects in maps affected by Delirium Orbs.
       Fixed a bug: Assailum's unique helmet was unrestricted and could only fall from the Delirium boss.
       Fixed a bug that prevented capture beasts from rewarding kill counters for cooked encounters.
       Fixed a bug that caused the "only jewel" to be damaged to another "only jewel" that did not honor the "Curious Corruption" challenge.
    As we all know, Path of Exile is a free action and role-playing game based on the "free play" mode. In the game, we must choose the role category, and then make this role develop anywhere we want. At the same time we also Face other enemies in the game.

    The PlayStation 4 download and install size is 460 MB, but the size may vary by platform. Are you eager to see more details about this patch? I think IGGM will provide you with satisfactory information, and if you want to Buy POE Currency, their website may be a good choice.