Madden 20 DeAndre Hopkins, David Johnson Trade rejected by EA G

  • In terms of NFL trading, Monday is a busy day. When current 99 club member DeAndre Hopkins was sent from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals, football fans saw an amazing deal. On the other hand, running David Johnson has now joined the Texans. These guys now have 20 Madden previews on their new team, but surprisingly, the game doesn't like this deal. On the other hand, players' MUT Coins trading is in progress, which cannot be ignored.

    ESPN and other sources announced a big sale, and the shock wave was sent through the NFL on Monday afternoon. Houston Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins will now receive the ball in Kyler Murray, Arizona. He traded with the rear-round draft picks to the Cardinals, who defeated David Johnson and the second-round draft picks.

    Hopkins has been with the Texans since 2013. He is a four-time professional bowler and a three-time full-time player. In the past season, he has won 104 games for a total of 1165 yards and made 7 touchdowns. In this game, he is also one of the four players of Madden 99 club. So far, his ratings have reached 98 OVR, second only to Michael Thomas in terms of ratings.

    David Johnson will now help strengthen the Houston Texans offense and shift the focus to DeShawn Watson. Johnson played in 13 games, including 94 rebounds and 345 yards and two touchdowns. In his five seasons with the Cardinals, he has a career of 781 goals, 3,128 yards and 33 touchdowns. Here he converted from his Cardinal jersey to his New Texans thread on Madden 20 as he straddled the defender.

    This is not the first time, and it may not be the last, but it is clear that something went wrong with this transaction. Madden 20 rejected the deal because Houston didn't want David Johnson. Many fans agree that the Texans are not doing well. Just looking at the overall evaluation of these two players, Houston gave up one of the NFL's best wide receivers, because his career has not yet reached the standard.

    This is not the only major change that happened on Monday or recently. The Baltimore Ravens added Calai Campbell, the Cleveland Browns won Austin Hooper, and the Indianapolis Colts won DeForest Buckner. Fans of Madness 20 now hope that the roster may be updated soon to reflect these major initiatives. Of course, the good news here is that the next Madden Coins promotion will be held at Gamems, which will be a rare opportunity! The promotion will bring a large number of new cards and two master tapes for you to add to the team. For Madden Ultimate Team players, this will also be exciting news for them.