Maple Story – The Demon Slayer is Here!

  • Nexon Europe today introduces the most recent Demon Slayer hero class for MapleStory inside third and final Legends update.
    The three-part Legends Update series draws using a close when you use introduction when using fiercely powerful Demon Slayer. The three new Heroes – Cannoneers, Mercedes now the Demon Slayer each bring individual skills in regards to the battle and fight together for the Resistance.
    Many years ago, the Demon Slayer really MS 2 Mesos was a powerful Commander round the Black Magicians, the good news is fights on your Resistance. Hidden within a mighty exterior could be a mysterious soul stuffed with sorrow and revenge. Discover the dark secrets round the Demon Slayer – what caused him disappear the Black Magicians and seek revenge.
    Use Demon Force energy (for an option to MP) to combat monsters using exclusive Demon weapons along while using the Demon Aegis shield. Utilize many from the mighty demonic skills like ‘Demon Lash’ – a dark power whip attack, ‘Soul Eater’ – so you can get enemies closer and ‘Raven Storm’ – Summons a flock of ravenous Ravens to mutilate Buy MS 2 Mesos the enemy. The Demon Slayer is absolutely a robust force for getting reckoned with, so long as they remains from your side inside Resistance, the battle is ours Maplers! Time to intensify and fight!