Nexon unveils two huge updates for MMOs MapleStory and Riders o

  • Dropping massive updates for two for the company's MMOs, Nexon America has revealed precisely new content planning to MapleStory and Riders of Icarus. MapleStory’s V update is its biggest revision in nearly a protracted period, because Ranger’s Fury update increases Riders of Icarus’ level cap to 50.
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    Adding a fifth volume of job advancement skills, the V update for MS2 Mesos brings by it the modern day V-Matrix Skill system, allowing players combine their favourite skills together to enhance their power. With these new godlike skills, Nexon has added three new level 200+ areas, the Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island and Lachelein, complete using a fresh boss named Lucid, the Master of Nightmares.
    In order for newbies to experience all with Buy MS2 Mesos this particular new content, Nexon has reduced case needed to need to level 200 by 30%, making that climb from the end-game simpler. Along with UI improvements, a lot better inventory with 128 slots sometimes more questlines, the V update should help entice any players who fell through your MapleStory wagon.