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  • Any individual certainly one of such could be described as a completionist claim in RS3, and I the simple truth is accept that Jagex doesn't ambition to absolution aggressive agreeable like Fossil Island or perhaps Rite of Passage since apperceive that comped players are traveling to be mad how they're inconvenienced for accomplished hours aggravating to OSRS Gold complete quests. With the accessible abatement of Mobilising Armies, Jagex will probably be removing a akin atone claim with the purpose I accept is the aboriginal time ever, but I don't anticipate they are going to stop there.Of course, there's an simple method of fix this, that being: inside the event you've becoming the Atone Cape once, congratulations, you receive to abrasion it for lifetime. If Jagex is abashed of absolution updates that affect comp, afresh just don't accomplish Buy OSRS Gold updates affect it.
    Comped players get to accumulate their adorned cape, we added aggressive content, and anybody is pleased.I anticipate thine downvotes.