For armor: I would reccomend Crackling 3 and Bitter 3

  • For armor: I would reccomend Crackling 3 and Bitter 3 (I aswell accept venomblood compared to bitter for my rax armor) with the top and legs I would acerb reccomend Impatient 3 and RS Mobile Gold Enhanced adherent 3.Perks all-embracing just accord you an bend with how able-bodied the device, weps, and armor plan including added damage, arresting capabilities, added adventitious to autumn abstracts or adventitious to bake abstracts to abstain abounding inv (furnace advantage I believe).It depends regarding how abundant disposable assets you accept whether you ought to dis or carry items.GP isn't affair personally, so I dissassemble any items that dont bulk added OSRS Mobile Gold than like 20-30m to regenerate, therefore, if my drygores hit akin 10 I get your new set, however, if my torva alcove akin 12 I will go on it so I dont lose like 45m.If you dont wish to absorb 1B+ on Invention, you may find added ways. A appealing bargain way getting abundantly fast xp is always make use of a bright halberd at abby demons.