Madden 15 predicts Super Bowl XLIX winner

  • Like annually, the latest Madden game – in such cases Madden NFL 15 – predicts the winner within the Super Bowl. This year isn’t any different.
        Super Bowl Predictions: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots in 2015 Super Bowl
    Update: EA Sports’ simulation was eerily accurate, because the Patriots did Madden 19 Coins indeed finish off the Seahawks 28-24. The game played out around Madden 15 suggested, together using the Patriots snatching victory back following Seahawks took an initial lead. This will be the Madden series’ eighth accurate prediction from the space of 11 years.
    Despite the Seattle Seahawks leading the main half with the action, Madden 15 predicts The New England Patriots will vanish together with all the coveted Super Bowl 49 trophy.
    According for the action, Patriots quarterback Madden NFL 19 Coins Tom Brady will be crowned MVP due in a “335 yard, 4-touchdown performance.”