World of Warcraft Story: The Raidridge Mountains Legend

  • I always remember the scene in the Lord of the Rings, when Samwise Gamgee suddenly realized that as long as he took another step, it would be the farthest place he had ever been to Shire. And I also found my place in Azeroth's adventure-Redridge Mountains, I've crossed the giant bridge over Lakeshire's namesake body of water in my last failed campaign, shrouded in the shade of its autumnal leaves , but that's where it all ended previously.

    This is mainly because the Redridge Mountains have allowed me to experience the most infectious story line in World of Warcraft. Just by carefully observing the surroundings, you can imagine how amazing stories have happened here, you will see Stormwind's great stone monuments and the wild's secluded dungeons, they are silently watching all this, all by all The design is excellent. Likely because it ’s often just a mechanic to bounce you from one quest giver to another. You cn receive a 8% extra offer to purchase WoW Classic Gold on Not only that, however if you become a VIP an affiliate MMOWTS, you can find more discounts when order settlement!

    What gave me a truly immersive story experience was the story of Keeshan ’s Raiders in the Redridge Mountains. I felt like I was watching a movie about war. At the beginning of the story, John J. Keeshan was coaxed out of bare knuckle fighting clubs. He is a famous hero who has won many times in the war. And our goal is to rescue his old Bravo Company squadmates from the orc prisoner of war camp with his help, which sounds like the pursuit of self-destruction. But I did not reject him, I wanted to know how the story would develop next.

    After that, we will complete tasks that are almost impossible again and again under the guidance of Keeshan, including a light stealth mission, an explosive sabotage of a watchtower-filled camp. And to participate in a raid on an orc fortress, here we even need to work with the mighty orc commanders Tharil'zun and Gath'Ilzogg, a bombastic tank journey. At the end of the mission, we need to defeat the terrifying dragon-Brood of Worldbreaker.

    That is, as long as you are not stuck in the cycle of the grind, World of Warcraft can deliver some excellent sustained and linked storytelling, with dramatic set pieces and characters that you can grow to really care about. Although I know that after the end of the mission The local buildings I destroyed will be restored to their original state, and Bravo Company will return to where he should be, waiting for the next adventurer's rescue plan. Although this is just a simple infinite loop story, at least for those few hours, I really felt the charm of war in World of Warcraft.

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