I have been struggling with this

  • I have been struggling with this. My compromise would be to rs 2007 gold attempt to utilize bonds and take the hit. Until things change, or they really show they care about their neighborhood, I can't bring myself to give them yet another penny.Semi-unrelated, but when I quit RS and return, the worst sense is trying to decide whether or not to purchase mems. RS stinks with no subscription, but then what if im not prepared to come back? Now I've spent to find out if I wanna play. Lol, no thanks.

    This comment is not to start a war or hate thread or anything. I am just curious to what people answer to this question... but does the MTX genuinely effect you? I know the mindset of'it will only get worse', but aside from that, why? Apart from being obnoxious and on mind, it doesn't impact me.cough Those damn trees and drakes cough I don't care about my highscore ranking compared to other people as this match is older af. If somebody spends money on this game to fast track themselves ahead of me I do not care. I undergoing what I can while doing it and am playing at my pace.

    I just say this since back in the dayI did bot an accounts to max WITHOUT being banned and so I missed out on all the adventures I should of had while grinding. I felt robbed of the but it was clearly my fault. However, not just that, but you're losing a lot of efficiency by not performing quests to unlock content... skilling in regions to gain rep such as Menaphos. Think of all of the things you cannot do with assistance from MTX. Granted you can get sufficient GP to purchase things that completely outclass those items and even some of these'overpowered' promos like the shadow gems, but there are better armors out there and you can get up to 10m an hour leeching ED3 farming operates. It won't take long to find enough gold to upgrade your gear.

    I am also great at spending money on games that I play regardless if its something that's F2P like League of Leggos or some thing like RS3 or Destiny 2. So maybe I have more discipline than others and that pay to get quest done in osrs is why it will not effect me as much or I am just not grasping the total hate over MTX. Pay-to-win schemes and MTX ruin the entire purpose of a game like Runescape. Work hard and reach the top, become the best, become the hero. It sucks on balls if you skip past for some gold.