Commentary immediately turns off on each edition

  • New announcers but more I'd like licesnsed ESPN etc images for games.For their last college baseball game that they were able to add announcers and images to both ESPN and CBS. This was because of its generation. NBA 2K can figure out how to Mut 20 coins have multiple announcer teams, with even having special guests within this creation. FIFA, a fucking EA house, has announce teams across languages. The Madden team can get fucked.

    Commentary immediately turns off on each edition of Madden until I start playing for the year. I know it is the exact same dialogue as the previous two years with only updates where they may mention the year or something. Their voices are so annoying. Not as poor add the Madden 07"He is in a stress cooookerrr!" Happening every drama, but it's still pretty shitty and irritating.I'd enjoy em to address more pressing problems. New announcers are amazing but I think the game requires anything else to be a higher priority.

    I actually turned off the announcers and honestly it has been an wonderful experience without needing to hear about going Prestissimo rather than Largo.I find romo hard to listen to. He has credit due to his knowledge and insight but he is not a fantastic commentator. He speaks often and too much times hes just talking not assessing the match. He takes me out of games sometimes.really? To each their own ofc, but that is just odd to me. Nantz and romo both get really excited that's what makes me love them.

    Perhaps you have had two breakout players in one game? This is actually the first time it happened to me.I do not understand the breakout matches in any way. I had marlon mack injured and got 4 tds using Hines then mack came back from injury with a break out game afterward I had back to back 4 td games with buy Madden 20 coins mack no sin. Then I simply had 10 sacks 1 FF with a rookie LB and no breakout match but I catch 60 yards and 1 td using a receiver and that I get one.One of these was my receiving back, who is already an X-Factor. I was not able to qualify him. What happens when an player receives a breakout opportunity? More skills?