What is your RuneScape narrative?

  • What is your RuneScape narrative? I first started playing RuneScape if my older brother, who had moved in my dads after the divorce, told me (circa 2006). Whenever I'd walk past his room he was constantly laying down on cheap rs3 gold his bedroom floor playing it on my dads laptop. After pestering him a little, just wanting to bond, he eventually told me in the kitchen. I wasn't a gamer.

    I downloaded it on the pc at home and immediately fell in love when I saw the loading screen and login screen. I was so clueless for the first few months. He also got my dad to combine, the username I'll always remember (scorpio530), and my dad got online a little mainly just as a way to talk to me. My brother enticed him too, and my dad quit runescape.

    In addition, I remember when I left my very first username in my dads house. We were sitting there trying to think of an immature username once we found that"tidy magnet" was accessible. Likely a helpless story for many of you, but it is one of the reasons I play. Since then I've played off and on, but always seem to randomly get drawn back. I've thought always about quitting as I believe myself grow away from runescape and not feel as inspired, but I feel like I owe it to finish my goals.

    Edit: I thought that I might add somewhat. I was limited to 1 hour of time and I'd always go over my limit and also my sisters would get mad at me. I convinced my mom to get me a month of membership after years of cluelessly enjoying f2p when we were in the shore and I assured her I'd do something for her that summer (likely errands ). I remember being excited and really happy and of course wasted the month since I was a noob. I also and my brother went to see fireworks on the beach on Fourth of July as kids and I remember splashing"water spells" on every other outside on the water.

    Started once I was with a couple buddies who put me to it like 8, playing in elementary school. Remember performing the Easter mini pursuit for days back and killing goblins. Don't know wtf I am doing because I got back into it. Having fun skilling as I have. The first memory I have of runescape is getting lost behind lumbridge castle. The graphics were can you buy gold on old runescape so shitty, the place was packed with noobs cutting trees and making fires, there were trolls and spiders going around, I simply could not inform wtf was going on, it was all chaos to me.