With the Archaeology update we will be able to construct

  • With the Archaeology update we will be able to construct a research team which OSRS gold will keep working for the participant even if they're offline. Will there be any familiar names that we can recruit to the study group? Absolutely! This is a system that is only just kicking off. If people like it, we want to bring other names right into it.

    On precisely the exact same topic of Archaeology research groups, can this offline feature be in regard to time-gated activities or is it an activity we can queue up while we are sleeping? It's like Player Owned Ports, but dedicated to Archaeology. You will pick the best researchers for a given study job, based on their benefits and chance multipliers. These research jobs run in real-time, so you can return to training Archaeology or log out to the interval. Obviously, we'd prefer you did the prior!

    We mentioned it in the beginning, however, the debut of the Archaeology RuneScape ability has to be among the single largest updates we have needed to RuneScape in a very long time. I really don't want to be that individual that asks"What's next for RuneScape?" Rather, could you possibly give us a sneak peek at something that we can anticipate on launch day- March, 30th?

    A huge thank you to the development team at Jagex for sitting down for an email interview this past week. There is an embargo on the Archaeology RuneScape ability for another 6 months; this means that no experience bonuses may be used to advance at a quicker rate than any other participant. We've got a great deal of ancient mysteries to cheap RS gold solve and a fancy new RuneScape skill cape to make.