Funnily enough, I think Hachimura's in-game ranking

  • Funnily enough, I think Hachimura's in-game ranking is the same as MT 2K20 the one he's playing the real game. From the 90s, Hachimura was in relation to being a character and also an entertainer, having his personal towel and waterboy to help him in his quest to upset the Mitchell from the initial round of the Utah Jazz. There is nothing that says esports more than somebody who can unite skill and pro wrestling-style theatrics. In the quarterfinals, however, we saw what happens when a true gamer (Booker) happens on somebody who is still progressing. Much like Hachimura on the Wizards in real life, the possibility is definitely there for Hachmiura to excel in gambling.

    LaVine is a noted gamer out 2K, playing for instance in recent SLAM Call of Duty events, but his 2K ability wasn't all that good. We'll give him a benefit of the doubt -- he would lose in the first round but NBA 2K20 was near.

    While Ayton would play the Houston Rockets laVine would pick the Miami Heat in the opening round. Ayton would get the best of LaVine, racking up buckets with James Harden and Russell Westbrook, but LaVine could get a few things together with Jimmy Butler at NBA 2K20. It didn't matter though -- Ayton would push forward, winning NBA 2K20 57-41 and making his first-round matchup appear simple. LaVine is an above-average player in the NBA and seems to be clubbed in 2K. It is only that Ayton are a 2K celebrity.

    BANG! The Miami Heat forward began off the 2K Players Tournament with a major upset. Seeded 16th, Jones beat No. 1 seed Durant from the opening round, using the Milwaukee Bucks, a championship favorite and one of the best teams in NBA 2K20, compared to Durant's Clippers. NBA 2K20 was rather one-sided, too, with Buy NBA 2K21 MT Jones taking over NBA 2K20 and winning out 78-62.