Tom Nook will eventually contact you with a proposition

  • Tom Nook will eventually contact you with a proposition -- he'd like you to create a new bridge for the town. Collect up the materials -- log bets, clay, and stone craft your bridge and place it. You have access to Animal Crossing Items a brand-new region of the island. There's no method to make it to your town's regions.

    Once you've completed building your bridge, talk with Tom Nook and wait patiently for him to assign you a different endeavor. This one is a bit more time-consuming -- you'll have to prepare three plots for brand new homes and craft a whole lot of different furniture to the future homeowners.Walk around your island and set all three plots. Make sure you enjoy where you place them, although the location is not important. Otherwise, you'll have to spend thousands of Bells to move them after. After the task is finished, you will find a call. You will be informed that some rely on funds only available up in the cliffs -- kind of a problem for anyone.

    Tom Nook proceed its recipe along and will realize the matter. Head on over to Resident Services, where you will be able to craft your very own ladder from four pieces of softwood, hardwood, and wood. All told, this procedure will require around four times to finish. If you're prepared to time traveling by modifying the date on your Switch, you can knock the process out. Unlike other tools in New Horizons, the ladder is unbreakable. As a result, once you've clambered up a cliff that you don't need to worry about becoming stranded in the wilderness.

    We all remember the unlikely-yet-incredible friendship which Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal formed in March, their fates coincidentally intertwined thanks to Buy Nook Miles Ticket an launch date. One game is calm, quiet, and relaxing -- another gory, persistent, and stressful.