ID a player and they don't pick him up

  • ID a player and they don't pick him up. This also applies to Mut 20 coins the new bench blitz run shield wherever your qb is tackled before he's in a position to hand the ball off. If that defender is identified by me he must undergo and tackle the qb. Lead blockers run defenders that are directly. I do not know how often my guide blockers, if it be a fullback, tight end, or pulling o-linemen avoid and run beyond the immediate danger and block any other arbitrary defender.

    Catch and move does not operate on rbs even though it is possible to place it. Qbs dip rather than slide. I very much know how to slide with the qb properly but randomly it seems to force my qb to a diving animation. Very rare but very frustrating when it occurs. Connection problems. When it's an online game, solo battles, or simply solo challenges, getting booted from Madden is a dreadful feeling. I've got a rock solid hard-wired link and it's happened to me. If EA figures out a way to produce their server connections more reliable that would be amazing for your playerbase.

    Running backs become stuck on linemen while trying to execute screen moves. Players shouldn't be allowed to spam the same players over and over again. High play rec should enable cpu controlled gamers to understand in the same route combos/play are about to be run and they could defend the play better. I know I'm likely still lacking a lot lol.

    I'd like to add that EA should correct defenders having the ability to cover numerous routes which should neutralize them. A curl-flat guardian should never have the ability to create a play when I have a receiver on a curl or outside course and also a running back on a table route, provided I make the right read. Yet occasions I have been intercepted or had the protector break the pass up. Also I've had outside corners be in a position to close down smash, a drama that is intended to neutralize them. Part of buy Madden 20 coins the problem is defenders react and start heading to where the ball is going when you press the button prior to the windup actually begins. Another part is defenders have jumped acceleration and the ability to change direction without sacrificing speed.