You saw Beastquake think it happens every run play

  • I meant to say Create a Fan, a number of the things I am doing rn in madden 08, I cant perform in Madden 20. SuperStar KO? I see your a casual. Every manner but MUT is bare bones tender. But certain, keep enjoying that busted gameplay. The players in Madden 20 NFL suck also. The vets who played pro from madden 12 all stop after 15 since Madden 20 NFL sucks. Folks are winning tournaments off stretch plays. If you play with a match, and Mut 20 coins you also dont throw the ball after??? Once? And win a championship it is because Madden 20 NFLplay sucks. And these expert players are only using exploits. Because it's really fucking broken there competitions on defense can counter the stretch. The Line Blocking is shit. And the downfield blocking. Oh and you wish to talk about fun? Since they cant tackle my jogging back!!! my 134 wins are dogshit

     You saw Beastquake think it happens every run play and vs The Saints with. No it fucking doesnt. And picks and catches are all animation based. Madden 20 NFL sucks ass. Because it dictates what happens through cartoons, no user control ability is taken by it. I attempt to consumer control my ROLB and me throw to the OG? Madden sucks, just admit it. And I'm not salty, I am on a 5 game win streak for all you attention. Madden 20 NFL is fucking dogshit. Punts and even blocked field goals are scripted. And this is irrefutable evidence.

    There are going to be bugs and glitches. Madden 20 NFL will never be ideal. And you EA haters find these glitches and bugs and talk about those rather than the remainder of Madden 20 NFL. However, when 2k releases a football game again, I'll be among the first in line to receive it because I want contest. It's good for both matches. But right now I am satisfied with madden 20. Yes there'll be, but it shouldnt make Madden 20 NFL unplayable, I cant browse the pocket since double team pass blocking is dreadful, the shifting and warping on this part of Madden 20 NFL is inexcusable. That's soccer gameplay's most essential part.

     The Line. Because I understand that if I remain when I must just run from buy Madden 20 coins this pocket just like its second nature to me personally, I will randomly get ignored, yes its inexcusable. A few of the glitches are humorous and harmless. But gee? That violates Madden 20 NFL. That may bring me about zones, in but we know just how much zones suck. Yes I will purchase 5 copies of 2k, simply to force EAs hand to actually fix there game.