Cant say anything in that stream I didnt anticipate

  • In these cases you're right. But, Shauny did state that RuneScape gold whilest he worked there virtually everyone he knew had enhanced their position in the company and the reason he didnt get the CM occupation was mostly because he was too good at doing exactly what he did which meant he couldn't be substituted. That's not a fantastic explanation but according to him there is a lot of investing in employees, he was just the unfortunate one.He was hoping to be promoted to Senior CM, that's precisely the same task but with management functions. He was optimistic (at least from what I understand) that his preparedness of Poerkie would give higher-ups insight into his management capabilities, which sadly did not happen because of him. They dangled the carrot, but he finally got the shaft.

    Cant say anything in that stream I didnt anticipate. They just dont understand the damage the mtx does. Whole gaming sector doesnt tbh. I dont think mtx can last in its current form as authorities will step in to regulate it since they put themselves in this position.Basically the gist I got from that stream. Change mtx into something thats ganna be longterm legal. (That may be okay and even favorable - but authorities are pushing this.) Adding more mtx. (Because its risky not to - But not very reassuring they wont keep both.) They are"not as bad as the others".. ok.

    Idk - Alot of PR bs imo. This is a gambling business issue. I hate to say - But they wont stop and it then needs things to step in and govern them. Ganna nevertheless be damage to morale and the community. Folks have left, its getting vacant, jmods are departing too - taking away their expertise. These kinds of items have caused damage. Mouth and word wont work. Advertising is shit anyway. More mtx will be unattractive to new runescape players. People who have quit certainly wont be convinced to return. Whole stream fell flat. I dont believe'actions' are the activities that are expected to create things healthy again. Its 'actions' for reasons so they could continue. I prefer being told that upfront. Thats essentially what this flow did. Its better than no communication. Didnt really learn something new. Very very noticeable shauny was not there too. He's a huge loss to us and them.

    This makes no sense at all, mythic is"just kill bosses" and runescape player skill. The same as Telos. Maybe you need to run epic first to get sufficient equipment but you also need to run low enrage Telos to Best OSRS Gold site achieve high enrage.The difference is your outlook on what's significant in runescape. If you're only seeking to PvM at RS3, it"does not affect you" either outside gold. Also let's not pretend that having a disgusting quantity of gold to buy BoEs on expansions doesn't contribute to world first kills in WoW.