This update poses a challenge for Blizzard of issues

  • This update poses a challenge for Blizzard of issues with layering. Adding layers helps more players access the game at the same time, but it also prevents all the players from interacting with a world boss. On Oct. 3, a post from the developer on the Blizzard forums says several servers have only one layer and only the highest populated ones require two layers. The plan is for all realms to be only one layer thus allowing the world bosses to wreak havoc as they did more than a dozen years ago when first introduced in World of Warcraft.

    Game director Ion Hazzikostas said phase 2 of Buy WOW Classic Gold would come later this year, but one piece of content has been sped up for release to next week. Hazzikostas hosted a video on Oct. 7 about new content coming to both WOW Classic and Battle For Azeroth, and he revealed that Dire Maul will be coming the week of Oct. 15.

    Blizzard has to be wondering why it didn’t take steps sooner when the community began asking for World of Warcraft Classic several years ago. If anything, the current landscape helps as a stern and friendly reminder that it’s always a good thing to hear out your consumers at the end of the day.

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