Draenei of World of Warcraft part1

  • Draenei of World of Warcraft part1

    About 25,000 in years past, the Ereda race was given birth to in a world called Argus. They are extremely intelligent races where you can natural close hitting the ground with magic. With these talents, they've got built a large and magical kingdom. Unfortunately, Eredar's achievements caught Sargeras's attention. At this time, the dark Titan had launched a burning expedition, and the man thought that Eredar was suitable to enjoy his expanding demon army. He therefore contacted several main leaders in the Eredar. In exchange for the loyalty with the Eredars, Sargeras gave them endless power and forbidden knowledge.


    Although the physical conditions given by Sargeras sounded tempting, Velen a terrifying hunch regarding the future. Sargeras was outspoken: the Eredars who followed him did gain unprecedented knowledge and power, nonetheless they would even be transformed into demons.

    Velen saw the terrible power from the Burning Legion and witnessed the destruction and disaster it delivered to the world. He hurried to warn Kil'jaeden and Archimonde, however they didn't care, given that they had been seduced by Sargeras' promise. They swore allegiance to Sargeras, and thus became huge and evil creatures. I hope players could make the most of Vanilla WOW Gold to assist them to become more powerful. If the number of gold in World of Warcraft just isn't enough, experts recommend to go to https://www.mmowts.com/ to shell out a small quantity of money to get a large level of World of Warcraft bonuses.

    The army under Sargeras was powerful that resistance was unimaginable. Velen was almost desperate, but his prayers wasn't in vain. A mysterious being found him, explaining to him he was part from the Naaru race, whose goal would have been to stop the burning expedition. They proposed for taking Velen plus the rest from the Ereda to safety.
    Velen was very relieved, so he immediately referred to as the Eredars who didn't want to follow Sargeras. They call themselves Draenei-in Ereda, this implies "exile." The draenei escaped the Argus world, as well as the Burning Legion. Kil'jaeden thought Velen had betrayed him, and am furious which he vowed to discover every corner from the universe and destroy Velen and all sorts of the draenei.


    The Burning Legion's pursuit in the Draenei continued for hundreds of years. The Draenei visited many worlds and explored most from the known universe and discover a safe harbor, nevertheless the Burning Legion never threw in the towel on the pursuit in the Draenei. At the same time, the mysterious Naaru race gave the Draenei the information and power with the Holy Light. Naaru told to Draenei that we now have other forces from the universe who dare to battle against the Burning Legion. One day Naaru will unite them into an indomitable army of light. The Draenei were deeply moved, and swore to believe inside the Holy Light to address for Naru's selfless ideals.