Classic wow: violent tank introduction

  • Classic wow: violent tank introduction



    Berserker tank


    A violent tank is a hate-specialized tank that sacrifices survival for hatred. The violent tanks will be mixed with a large number of output packs, and the default double-holding anti-blame, the body only guarantees the minimum anti-installation, only use the Titan mixture stone shield syrup to make up part of the survivability. Use the duality and the anger of a large number of injuries to create high hatred, break the hate bottleneck, and then increase the team's DPS ceiling.



    What kind of team needs a violent tank

    When your hatred becomes the bottleneck of the team's DPS, you can consider it. Specific performance is regular, attacked by different players; combat time is getting shorter and shorter; DPS equipment is greatly improved but the overall output is not improved; a lot of violent warfare and warlocks in the regiment; in short, when you feel deep defense Consider the raging tank when you can't move the monster. Otherwise, even if the violent tank raises the hate limit, DPS can't use it. It just adds pressure to the team's treatment. It doesn't make sense. Making full use of Classic WOW Gold can greatly increase the player's own strength, but many players are troubled by not having enough World of Warcraft gold to make themselves stronger. Now you can buy World of Warcraft gold at a low price on ZZWOW. Secure transactions, fast delivery, no waiting.


    Is violent fat hurting?

    It will be higher than the deep city defense, but the tank will never be high as long as it is hitting the front. The duty of Fury is to raise the hate limit so that other DPS can let go. If you find that the tanks in the team are the highest after washing the violent squad, then this violent tank is not necessary.



    What scenes are used in the violent tank?

    Generally, violent tanks are only used to play Raid. The injury of the 5-person team is not enough to support the anger demand of the violent tank, it will be very uncomfortable to fight. is always the supplier's supply station!




    How far can a raging tank go?

    This may be a problem that many people are most concerned about at present. The answer is that the violent tank can go a full 60. Therefore, players do not need to worry, the first thing to do is to mention their comprehensive strength, and tacit cooperation with teammates.