World of Warcraft 8.3 development progress has been more than h

  • World of Warcraft 8.3 development progress has been more than half



    This week, we'll talk about some of the charter on the 8.3 version of PTR content and expectations.



    Before the beginning of the expansion, the battle of Azeroth has been moving towards the final conflict with N'zoth. Of course, we have a lot of strong tribes against the Alliance to distract us all, but most people know that this war is just a disguise, no matter who the real enemy is. So now we are preparing to face this monster we unintentionally released in the world, and no one knows how he develops.



    All the old gods we had fought with were somewhat restrained, and N 'zoth was completely released. No one knows what this is all about. Therefore, players can't indulge themselves in the game as they please, because the risk at this stage is ever higher. If the players feel in the existing game, using WOW Classic Boosting can quickly and effectively reduce the difficulty of the game without wasting too much time. Whenever I don't want to waste time on the upgrade, I will use WOW Classic Boosting to help me quickly improve my level.


    Currently, PTR has completed all the tasks that introduce 8.3 events. As an alliance, we were summoned to Stormwind City to meet with Anduin because he knew nothing about what N'zoth did after he was released. So now he urgently needs to understand all kinds of information to improve his understanding of the current situation. Interestingly, Bain is also in Stormwind City. Although I am not sure why he will appear here. But I guess the Horde players may be summoned to Orgrimmar to meet with the new committee. Because Baine is in Stormwind, Loma may be the one who leads the parliament. Although I really want to see Bain take charge of everything, the current situation is that he does not have the ability to control the whole situation. Click for more offers.



    After a brief conversation with Anduin, I saw that Magni and Wrathion also appeared in Stormwind. I heard from the conversation that N'zoth launched an attack on Stormwind City. But he did not announce a full-scale attack, so I personally suspect that he is constantly launching probes to obtain intelligence information in the city. So far five attacks have been launched, so I don't think all activities are literal, we need to do something positively. I hope this first attack is something we can actively participate in, and there are additional assistants to help us.