CLASSIC WOW: The honor system is now fully open 2

  • CLASSIC WOW: The honor system is now fully open 2



    The honor scores obtained are based on three factors: 1) the level of the target, 2) your PvP level and 3) the player's level. At the end of the week, the system will count all the honor kills and non-honour kills you have received, and then make some adjustments based on the relevant data.


    The contribution points of each honor kill are affected by the diminishing returns rule. In the 24-hour time interval, only the first 4 kills of a player can get the contribution points, as follows:



    1st kill = 100% contribution points

        2nd kill = 75% of the contribution points

        3rd kill = 50% contribution points

        4th kill = 25% of the contribution points

        The 5th and later kills = 0 contribution points




    In the battle record, you can see the estimated honor points for each honor kill. The point value here does not count the diminishing returns for a player's kill. The non-honour kill immediately reduces the rank experience, and the contribution points are against the rank. The impact of experience is calculated once a week. Players can see the contribution points you received yesterday in the Honor tab of your character window. Yesterday contribution points are calculated from 0:00 to 2:00 every week. After weekly maintenance, the player’s The contribution points will be reset to 0. In one camp, the player who gets the most points per week gets the first position in the week, and so on. Players who have not won at least 25 honors in a week will not be able to participate. The ranking of the week is calculated, so the rank cannot be obtained.


    The total number of honor kills for all players in a camp during the week will determine a bottom line. Any player who honors the bottom line will not be able to participate in this week's ranking calculation, but they will earn enough points during the week to make them at least Reach or maintain the position of Rank1. Maybe some players think that the classic version of the game is too difficult, but for the speechless, the place that affects my experience is the upgrade, but since I used WOW Classic Power Leveling, I put those Levels and tasks that don't have any fun are left to others. Now I concentrate on team battles and upgrades and win epic gear in the game.



    Attenuation of weekly rank experience:


    Weekly experience decline is 20% of your current rank experience. However, if the adjustment of a week's rank experience (increased minus the decay) is negative, this adjustment will be halved. And, the weekly rank experience Adjusting up to 2500 in the ranks experience. Of course this limit does not include non-honour kills. is a very helpful website for players, welcome players to subscribe to the game and buy the right one. Props.