WOW CLASSIC pvp system update

  • WOW CLASSIC pvp system update



    Face the enemy with a gap of less than 10 and defeat them, you will receive the honor of killing. These honor points can help you move forward in the PvP system and unlock various rewards such as PvP accessories, cloaks, potions and more.


    Of course, not every kill will be honored. What players need to know is that killing the same person multiple times will result in a reduction in honor value. Until the end of the day, when the system resets the revenue diminishing, the honor value no longer increases.



    The diminishing returns of repeated killing of the same target enemy are as follows:


    1st: 100% of Honor

    2nd: 75% of Honor

    3rd: 50% of Honor

    4th: 25% of Honor

    5th (and beyond): 0% Honor.


    Diminishing returns also apply to killing faction leaders.


    The honor kill value is also measured by the level of the defeated player and their level. You will get more points to beat players who have more PVP experience. Compared to defeating newcomers who have joined the PVPV system, if they beat the old players, they will gain more experience and contribution points. Every week your rankings are updated based on your activities relative to other members of the faction, but if you want to be at the top of the list, this is not an easy task. Regular participation is required to maintain or improve your rankings.



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    You can also earn a lot of honor by killing the city faction leaders of Darnassus, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, and the Undercity. Once the battlefield is available in the WoW Classic, these will also provide honor.



    You will be given a disgraceful punishment for killing civilian npcs, which will quickly affect your honor level. Every time you don't shine, you will lose some of the honor points you won in the last few weeks, which makes it difficult for you to enter a higher level, as long as there is any disgraceful competition in your record. These will appear immediately on the Honor tab.