World of Warcraft 9.0: Classic Skills Reproduce New Version

  • World of Warcraft 9.0: Classic Skills Reproduce New Version




    In the Blizzcon Carnival, which just ended last week, the enthusiasm of the players has not faded. World of Warcraft 9.0 "Shadow Land" also unveiled its mystery. It is worth noting that in the new version, some classic professional exclusive skills will return to the new version of the spell book. The featured professions that players are familiar with are back!




    In the past version changes, because of the huge talent tree, players can not distinguish between the primary and secondary. So in the game, designers are constantly simplifying the talent tree. At the same time, some classic skills have disappeared into our horizons. For example, warlocks have had a variety of curses - 5% extra damage provided by Elemental Curse, Physical Damage Reduction effect of Weak Curse, Language Curse increases enemy cast time The old thieves must also have the habit of applying poison before going out - wounding ointment and deadly ointment; the knight is the halo of the oldest imba in the old world - armor, resistance, anti-casting repelling, lifting mount Speed ​​is a friend of the team team. MMOWTS is a professional game currency website where players can buy the cheapest Cheap WOW Classic Gold, especially for the early novices, to help them get better weapons and suits.




    In past versions, due to the large number of talent trees, some skills needed to be learned in the talents before they could be used. Now with the return of these skills, there is no longer a specialization and talent limit, as long as it is the corresponding profession, you can directly use these special skills.



    For example, Death Knight: All professional skills will have the resurrection function of the dead (pull a ghoul to fight), and no longer need to click the talent to summon the ghosts. The anti-magic field is no longer a PVP talent. These classic skills reappear in the new version, making both new and old players happy. In particular, some old players have made it possible to find the feeling of playing games in the past. Players are welcome to visit for more game resources.



    As far as the official information is revealed, I personally feel that the return of these skills is not particularly significant for the PVE field, but in terms of PVP, these changes are quite powerful, and the official said that it will be based on the time. The reaction consideration will not let more skills return, so dear players, which skill do you most want to return?