This month CLASSIC wow will push the new version

  • This month CLASSIC wow will push the new version

    Outline: World of Warcraft classics will want players to push new versions on the 12th of this month. The game content includes but not limited to the world leader and PVP honor system.

    At the opening ceremony of the 2019 Carnival in Blizzard, the game director took the stage and published a plan for the future of World of Warcraft classics. He stated that the World of Warcraft team is working overtime to maintain the Warcraft classics and there will be many new features in the upcoming new version. . At the same time, the classic battle of the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft and the battle of Azeroth is coming soon! This sounds very exciting, and I am very much looking forward to it. As a loyal fan of the game, I have been following the pace of the game for so many years and become a fanatic of Blizzard fans. Buy Vanilla WOW Gold now and enjoy up to 5% off, with fast shipping and a variety of trading options.

    For now, the good news about the Warcraft Classic is that the second phase will increase the PVP honor system, the powerful boss like Kazzak and more. More information about Buy WOW Classic Gold can be found at ZZWOW.

    This is good news for the hardcore fans of World of Warcraft, because the official team has cleared the final content of the Warcraft classics, and is looking for some new villains to eliminate their prestige. This is a better news for players who are keen to challenge the player mode. Powerful gameplay will make them more passionate.

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    Hazzikostas said: "If you have any tasks in Hillsbrad that need to be completed, I suggest you complete it during this time." Otherwise it will be more difficult to complete.


    Hillsbrad is one of the most conflicting areas between the Union and the tribes. It has historically been a popular place for battle between PvP and factions. With the Warcraft Classic finally getting the PvP honor system, I look forward to seeing the mountains crowded with pvper looking for scrap.