World of Warcraft classic experience report

  • World of Warcraft classic experience report




    As an industrial young man, I often play games all night until dawn. I am very interested in Warcraft and often spend dozens of nights on Warcraft. I started to understand Warcraft in the Burning Crusade and fell in love with it. I have been very involved before the Wrath of the Lich King. But after that I can feel that part of the game has changed, maybe I have changed myself, but after that it is no longer suitable for my life. I left World of Warcraft and prepared to say goodbye to this game forever. But many years later, Blizzard announced the release of World of Warcraft classics.


    As I said: I missed vanilla WoW very much at the time, but the promise of revisiting the game in a form closer to what I remembered was very tempting, with the release of the classic version of World of Warcraft. The closer I get, the more I am eager to play with it. Finally I compromised. After the release of the World of Warcraft classics, I began to reopen the World of Warcraft trip. From the first level, there are no rare treasures and props, no treasures to enhance the experience, only a basic role with a huge Azeroth continent waiting for you to explore.


    The first few days have been very fast, but in fact, I deliberately decided to experience the World of Warcraft classics on the least number of players, but the actual situation is that it still takes a long time to enter the server during peak hours. This forced me to create a new role on the RP server. So that I can play games somewhere in Warcraft. After logging in, you find that thousands of people are running around, they perform the same tasks as you, and occupy all the creatures you need to kill. In this approximately one week period, the upgrade became very difficult.



    It is very real to report in the news that Warcraft needs to wait a long time to enter the game. Although in most World of Warcraft servers, everyone is himself. Now, at, you can open a discount on the purchase of gold. Come and join us!

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    Playing a paladin (my previous role in the game has always been a beast, I want to be undisturbed while playing, so I chose the Paladin), because the characters in Warcraft Classic are not so flexible, so I explored Elwyn. Forest and Westfall, moving forward are the Redridge Mountains and Menethil Harbour. I even expanded the scope of the exploration and conducted surveys in places where I would not normally go. I soon discovered that World of Warcraft is still able to attract you. Buy a WOW Classic Gold and enjoy a 5% discount.