2019 Blizzard Carnival - familiar with live events in advance

  • 2019 Blizzard Carnival - familiar with live events in advance





    Blizzard will hold its annual carnival from November 1st to 2nd, US Western Time. At the Anaheim Convention Center, it will witness another sleepless night of Warcraft players.


    Blizzard officially released the invitation on the official website and opened the virtual ticket sales, welcome players to the world's epic family gatherings. We have reason to believe that during the carnival, there will be a very pleasant exchange of game experiences between the players, and friendship will be made here. The most enthusiastic community in the world will also set foot on the stage of the carnival stage. During the carnival. The official has prepared a lot of activities, including painting, cospla, making friends and a lot of fun activities related to the game. This is not only the player is looking forward to participating in the carnival, but the official team is also looking forward to meeting the players and conducting face-to-face communication. The communication between the player and the developer is that the game becomes more perfect and high quality. For more information on the props, please click FFWOW to view it.



    Session 1: Painting Competition

    Please participate in the carnival players to prepare their own brushes, paints, pencils and other painting tools. The paintings cancelled in previous years will be re-elected this year.

    Players can submit their own original World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft classics and other paintings to participate in global competitions. Players with top rankings will have the opportunity to win great prizes and will be on display at the 2019 Blizzard Carnival.


     WOW Classic Gold


    Session 2: Film Competition

    Blizzard officials are now calling on all directors, photographers, screenwriters and various movie lovers. I hope that under their guidance, we will be able to show the details of World of Warcraft more excitingly and realistically. In the development of World of Warcraft for more than a decade, it has been born.

    A lot of brilliant records, now invite filmmakers to participate in the film competition, just need to create a piece of original video (up to 3 minutes) The content is mainly based on the story of Blizzard games, the form can be real shooting, animation, clips in the game, etc. or It is a mixed form. We will announce the winner of the competition in front of the Blizzard Carnival audience and showcase his work. The moment of great attention is waiting for you.