Which didn't provide the results it needed

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    It is rare to see a developer simply give up in an update for an MMO, but that is what Jagex has selected to perform with the Weapon Diversity initiative in RuneScape. With the stated goal of"bringing strategy back to weapon selection," the upgrade was scheduled to go live this summer, however after a beta test which didn't provide the results it needed, Jagex has gone ahead with the difficult decision to cancel the project.

    The team estimated that the job was just 50% completed and also had three options: plow ahead with the present inception, restart the undertaking, or cancel it completely. In the long run, the dev team decided on alternative number three.

    While not the perfect situation, particularly for gamers who have been anticipating the new weapons, this can permit Jagex to devote resources to"projects that we're currently working (and planning to announce at Runefest)." Enhanced weapon diversity is still a long-term target to buy RS gold, and the group expects to deal with the problem"over time, coupled with some new strategies to weapon reconciliation " Other approaches were set out in last week's developer diary, which you may see below.