Players needed more customization on the user

  • Which changes are planned until the launch? Until the release on September 27, developers want to generate some important changes.Especially the somewhat too lengthy fighting platform was repeatedly called a criticism point with Astellia Asper. Producer Westley Conner is aware of the problem: We have revised some skills and plan even more. Each class will get a couple of new skills to make the battle more dynamic.Nevertheless, nothing needs to change in the basic system with tab targeting and short regeneration times.

    What changes in the UI? Players needed more customization on the user interface, the UI. Westley Connor showed us some changes live. This enables the interface to be adjusted. Each block, no matter if minimap, ability bar or quest log, is movable and can be scaled to any dimension in size. Changes have been made to skills port or the crafting to make it even more intuitive and easier to use.What changes to the MMO in the entrance? Another criticism in the beta evaluations was that the tutorial, which turned out to be short and uninformative.

    Again, the developers are planning significant changes until the release.More tasks in the game: additionally, the"Story of the Stars" system is introduced. It's a kind of journal, which informs all the players about the current area.There you'll find clues to rare mobs, dungeons, special quests and hidden treasures. The goal is to locate, conquer or resolve all of these contents to complete a card completely.These changes are also accompanied by a revision of the system of success, which holds over 700 achievements for you.

    What happens after the release? For the rest of 2019, the developers of Astellia already have some strategies for the Western version.So particular events for Halloween and Christmas will make their way to the game. Additionally, the legendary dungeons and the Avalon PvP area is going to soon be opened in 2019, which are not directly available for beginning for reasons of fairness to buy Astellia Asper. In addition, the gender lock for the last few classes still has to be eliminated. Westley Conner also spoke briefly about new Advanced Courses. Exact details didn't exist yet.