OP is assuming that is really PSO2 Meseta the case

  • OP is assuming that is really PSO2 Meseta the case. It might be that folks within this sub climbed up with WoW and not PSO2, so a group here is much more inclined to favor WoW Classic within the group which are indifferent. I'm not saying we are one big monolith of view, it is only that they're likely the majority here. And hey, if you think about it, it's likely why bulk of the sub is jaded towards the Modern MMO offerings: they're just so far away from the Vanilla WoW they have come to understand and love.

    As somebody who is hyped for WoW Classic although not for Phantasy Star Online 2, here are my reasons

    WoW isn't the same as it was and with is not currently available. Thanks to years of Blizzard slowdown WoW's mechanics and WoW feels more like Blizzard are attempting to pander their games towards grannies, small children and idiots, instead of the RPG gamers that once made up their core fanbase and demographic. It is a lot more complicated than that but to put it simply, I'm not having fun with contemporary WoW. It took me a few hours of playing on Nostalrius to make me realise that modern WoW is shit and that those who left Phantasy Star Online 2 in later years were not merely looking at WoW's past with rose tinted goggles.

    Sega promised to deliver PSO2 out globally. It never made it out of Japan and South-East Asia. The SEA launch had shoddy translation function courtesy of Playpark, was way behind on upgrades and was heavily geo-blocked. This is the first time that Sega fucked up with PSO. Does anyone remember despite providing fans chapters beyond Episode 2 PSO Blue Burst, which not just released with a subscription fee but was really short lived? (I mean a genuine episode 3, maybe not the buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Episode III C.R.A.P Revolution card spinoff game that was released on Gamecube.)