Aka, RuneScape gold players gain the ability

  • Aka, RuneScape gold players gain the ability to acquire the outfit quicker today, through either participating in case, or purchasing it via MTX, and those who miss out on the event can get it through regular skilling in the future right after the event ends (even slower than if obtained'during' the event). Observe the potential for future events like this.

    I was excited when I read the name for now. Ninja fixes and QoL updates into the crafting guild! However upon logging in I was quite disappointed discovering instead of adding reward store to the crafting guild together with an actual elite ensemble, we got cosmetics (which aren't bad, but again rewards shop ) and temporary xp promotes, behind a mtx promo. Also in conversation master crafter outfit gets confused with master craft.

    This is a cute small event idea, and when we are likely to receive limited-time XP grinding events anyway I believe this is the perfect method to go about them-- a few temporary bonuses, some skill-focused cosmetics, and opening the guilds to new Runescape players briefly. I could see the allure of this. Can we please get it our previous choices are remembered by the crafting interface for urns? Having to select it every time on the wheel(defaults into pot lid), and then it not automatically choosing the unf urn type we have in our Inventory in the toaster (for some purpose after picking out the ability form of urn, then defaults to next highest you can craft?) Is dull as hell.

    The Crafting Guild item is kind. The events team would be churning out events like this no matter what, but that channels the time and work that'd be put into occasions anyway and uses to cheap RS gold update an outdated area. Two birds, one stone.I simply don't get why they can't make appropriate cosmetics anymore. The master crafting outfit has a model and literally no model this happens to every outfit being released now.