Bots were destroying OSRS gold the economy

  • Bots were destroying OSRS gold the economy and those made and funded via stolen credit cards became a legal liability for Jagex they couldn't discount. If they invested more in their software to begin using it wouldn't have been an issue. The battle rework was actually a fantastic idea on paper. The battle triangle was completely irrelevant by that point, enemies had no very clear weakness or plan. Melee was too overpowered. It had all kinds of high weapons while Magic and Ranged were pricey and limiting in comparison.

    Magic in particular was a major money sink because of the high rune costs along with being ignored most of the time out of Ancients. Battleaxes, Warhammers, Spears, Maces, Javelins, many two-handed swords, and Longbows were considered junk outside of very specific limited use conditions (Mace's prayer promotes, Dragon Spear's unique attack). Runescape should not have become WoW-lite, but it really could have used a touch-up.

    "Mod" in runescape does not mean just moderator in the way that it is often used (as in a volunteer runescape participant helper or a neighborhood manager). There are runescape player mods and forum mods, which can be volunteers, yes, but they do not have access to whatever significant and don't have"Mod X" as their name - those are only Jagex Mods - since in Jagex workers. This dude was runescape's content developer, so he had access to runescape backend, which he misused to steal the stuff and which was the reason he needed to flee the true country because the firm most likely pursued legal action against him as a consequence of buy rs 3 gold. As far as I could tell from the wiki, runescape players needed their stuff returned all, so hopefully all's well there.